I’ve been drooling over Jane Sews clothing forever at The Space in Rosebank, when I saw her spring lookbook I just had to share it! The Keren dress is by far my favourite…and as it turns out it’s Amy’s (the creator of Jane Sews) also!

The nicest thing about the Jane Sews spring collection is..

Is that it easy to wear without looking to “done up”, the pieces mix and match fairly easily and all the pieces are limited offering exclusivity.

Oh wait you said “thing” not “things”


1.Who are you and how did you start Jane Sews?

Hello Hi, my name is Amy. I like raw food, tall pine tress and the feeling of nostalgia.

Jane Sews started in 2011 whilst I was in my fourth year studying at LISOF. I guess it began with a strong conviction for a specific aesthetic, a drive to create, an excitement for the unknown and a “what have I got to loose” approach to the whole endeavour.

2. Where can people in Joburg buy your clothes? When while the spring collection be available?

You can find Jane Sews at The Space in Rosebank, and at the monthly market in Kramerville called Collective. We also deliver to your door if you shop online.

Selected styles from our SS’ 13 collection will be available next week!



3. Do you do anything else besides make amazing clothes?

I have my hands full a the moment and weekends are for fun.

4. Whats the hardest thing about starting your own clothing label in SA?

For me every great piece of clothing starts with the fabric it is made from, it is a challenge to find high end, good quality cloth locally.



5. What’s your favourite thing about spring?

The air feels so clean and fresh in Spring. yip, the fresh air.

6. Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

… ooh that’s like asking a mother if she has a favourite child.

Which, at the moment, I do- The Keren Dress (white with torsion lace inserts)