When I started She Said I used to have so much fun sharing street style from random people on the street to my co workers and friends. Over the years I’ve lost touch with sharing these stories but I’ve never stopped drawing inspiration from those around me. Over the past month I’ve been reconnecting with my love of sharing ‘everyday’ fashion and I’m going to be sharing more and more of it with your lovely faces.

First up is the lovely Jess, you might know her as Jessica Anne. We met a while back now because our husbands are friends and it’s been so fun getting to know her separate from that and building a really lovely friendship. I love her style because although it changes from day to day it always had a classical undertone to it. Jess is also starting her own clothing brand, aptly called Jessica Anne, it’s been so rad seeing how over the past year her collection has come together and I can’t wait to see what the end product looks like. All of the pieces in the first Jessica Anne collection are a tribute to her taste, expect classic cuts and styles paired with really interesting patterned fabrics. Watch out for the launch here.

Dress: Free People

Jacket: Mango

Boots: Aldo