People often ask me the same questions. ‘How did you start your blog?’ ‘How did you find your look and feel?’ And of course ‘How do you make money from your blog?’  They’re never questions I can fully answer in a few minutes and I often feel like I leave people wanting. 

When Angie and I met and started working and blogging together one of the things we always agreed on was that we wanted to host a bloggers workshop. The aim of the workshop being to help our fellow bloggers to understand the landscape, improve their blogs and build skills to better themselves and their offerings. 

Cut to a few years later and this dream has finally come to fruition, with our first workshop being held next month on July 9th in partnership with Nomads & co. We’re going to hold them bimonthly with each day featuring a different set of speakers sharing their expertise each time. This Jobest Club – Bloggers Edition is for anyone with an existing blog or wanting to start one…or anyone who just wants to hang out. 

The workshop will be run for half day and it’s going to  cover everything from Photography to Creative Writing to how to make money from your blog and more. We will be starting with a talk from the incredibly talented Anthony Bila aka The Expressionist. Anthony will be chatting about his journey as a photographer and his lessons learnt followed by a talk by Golden (myself and Angie)  about how to make money from your blog. 

The second part of the morning will be a series of workshops, we wanted to have smaller groups so it’s easier for you to have one on one time with all the speakers and actually get a real chance to help address your own questions or issues you’re facing. Each workshop will have a maximum of ten people, working on a first come first served basis, sign up will be on the day so get there early to avoid being stuck in a workshop with Angie and myself. 

We’re limited to 40 attendees and as of this morning we’ve only got 15 left so get cracking by buying your ticket here! We’re also giving away a ticket to the workshop on the Jobest Facebook Page this week so head on over to enter! 

Jobest Club Bloggers Edition (1 of 2)

 Order of the day: 

9AM – Snacks and Coffee 

9.40AM – Introductions

9.50AM – Anthony Bila – Fear of Man

10.30AM – Golden – How to make money from your blog 

11.00AM – Lunch and Break 

11.45AM – Workshops begin 

Workshop Breakdown: 

Anthony Bila – Photography, Art Direction and Questions 

Golden – How To Make Money From Your Blog and Questions 

IXD – Practical Steps On How To Start a WordPress Blog 

Lizette Watts – Creative Writing For Your Blog 

If you haven’t heard of Nomads and Co you seriously need to check it out