You’re thinking this is click bait right? Well it’s not, I genuinely think I’ve found the Shangri-La of Johannesburg Guesthouses. Festina Lente ‘haste slowly’ at face value is an unassuming guesthouse in Hurlingham, a hop skip and a jump away from Sandton City, once you enter the gate though you are bombarded with a beautiful garden…and even better, a collection of the most beautiful rooms filled with nicknacks and collectibles from accross the world.

I discovered Festina Lente while scouring for new places to explore on, I use the site pretty often to find awesome deals and new places to visit. Their site is easy to use and they handle all the in’s and out’s for you. Pick a destination, choose a date and click book, it’s as easy as that!

Festina Lente is run by a husband and wife team, I was lucky enough to meet Elna when I paid the guesthouse a visit and I’m so excited I did because she’s the eye and I guess the brains behind the decor of the rooms…and she has a whole bunch of very cute dogs that I got to meet. Elna travels all the time for her job and she’s always had an eye for ‘thing’ so over the past ten years she’s collected each and every single glass, rug, table, chair and skull that you’ll be privy to when you visit. The whole space is lush and bursting with life even though every room has its own unique feel.

Each room at Festina Lente is decorated differently, following specific themes or periods, my favourite room by far is Botanica…because it’s filled with plants and painted green, pretty much a no brainer! Each room was so beautiful I totally over did it with the photos but trust me take the time to go through this post it’s 100% worth it.

In total there are six units and Elna has plans to add on another two rooms really soon. All the rooms are self catering and come with breakfast (Elna says she makes the best breakfast in town!) and all of the units have little kitchenettes that are perfect for whipping up something small or making tea and coffee in the morning.

I cannot wait to go back and visit…I have big plans to surprise Craig with a night’s stay! To book your slice of velvet heaven click here!