I’m not entirely sure jumpsuits ever when out, all I know is that they are most definitely in right now. I love Jumpsuits because they can make anyone look like a supermodel, even if they mean making a trip to the bathroom ten times harder. So jumpsuits are everywhere and that means dungarees are everywhere too.

Anna-Belle Mulder (2 of 13)Stellenbosch Wine Routes (2 of 8)I’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing worse than a pair of dungarees that are too tight and make sitting down impossible, so I was a little sceptical when I found this awesome pair from Topshop on my personal shopping experience (which is great by the way). I was really surprised when I tried the pair on and the material was really snug but still stretched when I sat down…or did star jumps in the changing room just to be sure.

Stellenbosch Wine Routes (1 of 8)Anna-Belle Mulder (8 of 13)While Angie and myself were in Stellenbosch with Stellenbosch Wine Routes we stayed at Le Pommier Wine Estate. You can find the Estate along the wine route just a few minutes outside of Stellenbosch. Angie and myself will be posting about it on Jobest really soon so keep an eye out for it. The estate was so beautiful we couldn’t help do a shoot amongst their vines.

Anna-Belle Mulder (5 of 13) Anna-Belle Mulder (4 of 13)The dungarees are from the petite section so be sure to look towards the back of the store at Sandton City if you plan on getting them for yourself. I paired it with a bralet from Cotton On, which I think looks pretty good and adds a different feel to the whole look.

Topshop Shouth Africa (5 of 8)Stellenbosch Wine Routes (5 of 8)She Said Blog (4 of 10)Topshop Shouth Africa (2 of 8)She Said Blog (6 of 10)Anna-Belle Mulder (7 of 13)South African Fashion Blogger (3 of 7)South African Fashion Blogger (1 of 7)At the beginning of the week Angie posted the Images I took of her on her blog, she’s also wearing a jumpsuit although it’s backwards! If you want to check her post out click here. As always thanks for helping me with my pictures!

South African Fashion Blogger (5 of 7)Angie Batis (1 of 5) Angie Batis (4 of 5) Jobest (2 of 3) Jobest (3 of 3)