Kaapse Klopse, Tweede Nuwe Jaar, whatever you may call it, has to be one of the most incredible experiences you can witness on South African soil. The Kaapse Klopse parade has never been a huge event in my calendar  because I’ve always lived in Johannesburg so it was by a series of random events that I ended up attending the 2017 celebration.

Below is a series of an image of one particular Cape Minstrel who had me captivated as he twirled up the street not stopping to catch his breathe for even a moment.

The Kaapse Klopse parade is an all out assault on your senses. It’s the sound that reaches you first, the sound of hundreds of people beating drums, blowing on brass instruments and shaking tambourines…and then comes the colours.

The little drummer boy.

Every person who takes part in the celebration is dressed in beautiful costumes made from brightly coloured material, while most of the ‘klopse’ members have their faces painted in incredibly detailed patterns. It’s quite something to stand in the middle of the road as hundreds of people swarm around you, playing instruments, dancing, gyrating and celebrating their history, words truly cannot explain the energy given off my each troupe as they move through Cape Town.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this rather beautiful celebration of life and culture in Cape Town I’d really recommend you take the time to do so in 2018…and if you live in Cape Town you have no excuse not to go! To learn more about the history of the parade click here.