Yes I know there are loads of alternatives to fast food…the first would be just not to eat it, but sometime you really feel like something healthy and delicious without having to wait for the farmer to finish growing it. Almost on a daily basis when I’m out and about I find myself trying really hard to find a fast lunch that doesn’t come from Sausage Saloon, I discovere Krunch through Uber Eats last year and I was really impressed so I took a gander down to their Sandton store to see first hand where my salads were coming from.

Krunch was started by a local brother and sister who really just wanted to make it easier for people who were conscious about what they put into their bodies to not have to think so damn hard at every meal time. Krunch has a set breakfast and lunch menu consisting of smoothie bowls, crumpets, gourmet salads, wraps and of course a huge range of smoothies and juices, the list goes on and on!

Krunch also have a range of their own cold pressed juices, try the Pineapple express it’s so tasty!

The other part of what Krunch offers is the design  your own meal bar where you can dream up almost anything and they will whip it up for you. This is my favourite thing about Krunch because I’m allergic to dairy and I can be pretty picky about what goes into my food! When I paid them a visit I built my own salad consisting of Baby Spinach, Quinoa, Baby Tomatoes, Broccoli, Artichokes, Falafels and Spicy Pita Chips. Considering how many fillings, dressings and toppings there were to choose from it was pretty boring but still really tasty, next time I’ll go nuts!

Krunch has a store in the Sandton City food court, in an office block in Sandton -6A Sandown Valley Crescent and I have a good source that tells me another store will be popping up in Joburg soon!

To find out more about Krunch click here.