In the aftermath of the crazy Lindt sale Joburg was without the beautiful Lindt Chocolate Studio for a while, but don’t worry it’s back it’s prettier than ever before…and they have a Gelato counter.

Lindt Chocolate StudioThe Lindt Chocolate Studio is now home to vats of every type of Lindt ball you could imagine, which is pretty cool because they didn’t offer such a wide range before. The walls are also decked with different types of slabs and hoards of bunnies because Easter is just around the corner.

Lindt Chocolate Studio-10 Lindt Chocolate Studio-5 Lindt Chocolate Studio-7By far, the best improvement to the store is the Gelato counter that offers a range of wonderful Lindt creations in a cone for only R20, which is a pretty great deal if you ask me. If you’re in the area Tweet me and I’ll join you for cone of Cookies n Cream.

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Contact: 021 831 0380

Operating Hours:
Mondays – 9am to 6pm
Tuesdays – Saturdays 9am to 5pm
Sundays – 9am to 3pm
Public holidays

Address: Design Quarter Fourways