Gone are the days where quality designs and goods were synonymous with products NOT made in South Africa. In fact, now it’s the complete opposite, at least in my opinion! We have scores of designers creating beautiful pieces of world class quality (whatever ‘world class’ means!). Via La Moda has been on my radar for a little while now, I’d seen a few of their and bags in editorials and whisperings of them on social media but I had no idea that they are a 100% South African brand and even more astounding each and every one of their handbags and other products are handmade in Johannesburg…yes literally only 20 minutes from my house!

Via La Moda has been going since 1989…and we all know 1989 is a special year because that’s when I was born! As I mentioned each bag is handmade by a South African team but the master crafter, Hanspeter Winklmayr designs and tests each bag himself. If you head over to the  factory, just above the showroom you’ll find him pouring over sketches scraps of leather and dreaming up new ideas!

Pretty much on par with how beautiful their bags are is the Via La Moda showroom, which has the entire Via La Moda range, which you won’t find anywhere else AND visiting the showroom means you get some pretty insane discounts on all of the bags, some of the discounts amount to almost half price, and when you’re investing in  a Via La Moda bag this can be a huge saving! If that’s not enough to convince you to visit the showroom just staring at hundreds of brightly coloured handbags is enough to make you feel all fuzzy inside.

This particular handbag is made from Ostrich leather and is from the Via La Moda collection, how amazing is the colour!?

Now that I’ve gushed about Via La Moda, in this look I’m wearing only South African designers including SELFI, the undisputed queen of cuts and comfortable jumpsuits, This Guy sunnies, a sunglasses range inspired by nature and handcrafted right here in SA and of course  a beautiful necklace by Nina Bosch. I’ve been wearing This Guy for a couple of months now, and I’m a little embarrassed to say they are my first pair of polarised sunglasses EVER…and I’m never going back they make such a difference!

I always buy, and support local design but when writing this post I realised I definitely don’t post about them enough so I’m going to be making a big effort to share their pieces with you more often!

Thanks to Via La Moda for supporting She Said and local industry!

Bag: Via La Moda

Glasses: This Guy

Jumpsuit: SELFI

Necklace: Nina Bosch

Shoes: Call It Spring