Luke Robson is just plain awesome, and you don’t even have to take my word for it you can see his work right here. I recently stumbled across his work on Reddit and thought it would be a shame not to share it with you. Luke takes old pictures and creates the most beautiful digital collages that make me want to put them all over my house.

I chatted to Luke about his inspiration for the artworks and he was inspired by a post on Instagram, which makes me like him even more!

“I remember seeing a random post on Instagram once of an amazing digital collage piece and I was instantly mesmerised by it, I loved everything about it. It had a bit of surrealism to it but more importantly it was so refreshing to see an old fashioned image in brought back to life with such vibrance and colour. I began searching for similar images and I found artists like Julien Pacaud, MiraRuido and Mario Wagner, all doing a very similar thing. So after that I decided to try and replicate this work, I knew I had the capability of creating work like this as I’ve been doing photoshop and digital compositing work for over 5 years, so I decided to just try it out myself. After making my first 2-3 I became hooked on creating them as I enjoyed it so much.” 

If you want to buy his work check out his page on Society6 and  if you want to look into his process check out this post on Imgur. For now you can check out his amazing work below.

If you like his work and want to commission him you can get his email address here.

Digital collage 3 Luke Robson 1 Luke Robson Digital Collage Digital collage Luke Robson 2 Digital collage 2 Digital Collage 5 Digital Collage 4