Bacon is by far one of my favourite food groups, so when I discovered you could make candied bacon I nearly did a back flip. This was my first time trying to make candied bacon so the recipe isn’t perfect but it’s still delicious and extremely simple.


Ingredients – serves two:

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

2 breakfast muffins

4 rashers of streaky bacon

Maple syrup/maple flavoured syrup

Marscapone Cheese

Woolworths Maple flavoured syrup

This is the maple flavoured syrup from Woolworths which serves as a great substitute for the more expensive maple syrup

How to make candied bacon

Pour the syrup over the bacon, if you have a brush, brush the syrup evenly over the bacon or just use a knife.

How to make candied bacon

Bake the bacon at 220C for 15/20 minutes .

Easy french toast

While the bacon is baking, beat the egg and the milk together. Dip your breakfast muffins in to the egg and milk mixture and allow to soak completely through.

How to make candied bacon

Place in oiled pan and cook it until it’s crispy and delicious.


Spread the Mascarpone over the warm muffins, I like to use the triple cheese Mascarpone from Woolworths, it keeps for quite a while and it’s super creamy Quick and easy french toast

All that’s left to do is stuff your face! How to make candied bacon Easy french toast recipe