A few weeks ago a moseyed on down to Parooz Fashions to check out their new spring range and met one of the most wonderful human beings called Michael . Not only is he super sweet but he’s also super talented and makes the most amazing jewelry by laser cutting. I bought myself a cute collar chain and a Desmond Tutu face that I gave to Angie.  With Fashion week coming up I’m definitely going to get him to make me something seriously amazing…and you should too.



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The nicest thing about your jewelry is…

I think that the nicest thing about my designs is that I don’t have any accessory or fashion skills so I come into this industry with a new, clean perspective with an architectural and art background. A quote that I read off of your blog is, ” A factory makes the product, a person makes the brand”. I take this and it explains why I called my designs ‘Michael Cost’ because I design for myself, I create the brand and create accessories that are significantly me!

1. Who are you and where did you grow up?

Hi, I’m Michael Constantinides and I’m a designer. I grew up at home obviously. But if you want more detail, I’m a third year architectural student at Wits University and I am a born and raised Joburger. I am of Greek heritage and I am a designer by heart. The Michael Cost brand is my personality put on Social Media such as Instagram, Twitter, Vine and Youtube. I design things that you will probably not find anywhere else or will battle to find plus its mostly wood which is distinctly different!

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2. How did you discover your talent for laser cutting…it is laser cutting right?

Laser Cut accessories is no new idea however it is not popularly used in South Africa. I am one who sees opportunities and jumps at it so when the opportunity unusually presented itself I took full advantage. I’m not sure if you can call it a talent but I have used my architectural studies and challenged myself further to come up with my designs and to try master the force of laser.

3. Do you have a favourite piece in your collection?

I love all of my work but my more architectural designs are the winners. These include the architectural bracelet and the sharp linked triangular pieced necklaces.

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4. Any awesome big plans for the future?

I am making prototypes of loads of things such as cellphone covers and other goodies that will be out by November! Its been such a short period of time which all of this madness has started but since it has been so successful I definitely see myself growing. Right now I am exclusive to Parooz fashions but I see myself selling at markets and Pop-Up stores. It funny, but some of my items are specifically designed for the Red Carpet, High Fashion photo shoots and Music Videos so I definitely see that happening! Possibly a website or Facebook page, Still deciding!

5. If people want to order custom designs can they?

Yes! I am a full time student so the time period for specific custom designs will be longer than just buying what is in store at Parooz, however, people may contact me on this email or learn more about the ‘Michael Cost’ brand online.

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