It feels like there are more and more awesome little projects and brands popping up in South Africa every day, and let’s be honest we could do with the inspiration and happiness. Alicia Van Zyl the pen, pencil and paintbrush…oh and needle behind Muhahalicia is bound to bring a smile to your face with her aweosme patches, prints hoodies, oh and she’s launching underpants soon too!

Alicia’s store currently has a range of awesome prints and patches but she’ll be adding something new to the store each month, so if you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see let her know. My favourites so far are the ‘Eat My Heart Out’ and ‘Get Lost In My Furmuda Triangle’ prints, I love how strong and feminine all of her pieces are while remaining playful. When Alicia isn’t designing underpants she also started a really cool gathering called Drink and Draw, it’s a monthly event where, you guessed it, you drink and draw. It’s hosted at various locations and venues around Joburg with a different theme every month. If you’re like me and your forte is drawing stickmen you’re still welcome, you can read up on upcoming events here.

The Muhahalicia has literally just launched so show her some love or someone else some love by picking up one of her prints or patches from her store.


Here are a couple more of the products available on her store.