This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend a few nights at the magical Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

Grootbos is about two hours drive from Cape Town and about 30 minutes outside of Hermanus…if you’re coming from Cape Town, and you’re not used to seeing the sea like me take the road less travelled along the coast, it’s extremely beautiful and does well to show you the sheer magnitude of the Overberg. 

I’m still in a little bit of a daze after Grootbos, because it’s just that beautiful and special…plus the food and wine were so delicious, my only challenge now is to convince Craig to pack up and move there. 

I experienced so much during my time there, there’s no way I would be able to fit all my photos and emotions into one blog post, so over the next few days I’ll be sharing a couple more posts about my #Grootbosmagic experience. 

For now here are my top five things to experience and reflect on when you visit Grootbos.

The Beach 

Walker Bay Nature Reserve is a coastal nature reserve only a few minutes from Grootbos. The reserve has the whitest sands, bluest water and the most interesting rock formations. What could be better than that you ask? Well chances are you will be alone on the beach to soak up the sun and explore the rock pools. GrootbosBeach  (14 of 18) GrootbosBeach  (13 of 18) GrootbosBeach  (9 of 18) GrootbosBeach  (17 of 18) GrootbosBeach  (18 of 18)

The Food

If you follow Jobest, you’ll know I love food, but never and I really do mean never, have I experienced food on the level served at Grootbos. I think I ate so much my stomach stretched, and I keep expecting someone to feed me a flapjack stack for breakfast when I wake up. Even though it would be silly Grootbos is almost worth visiting just to sit in their restaurants and eat. Grootbos Food (1 of 1) Grootbos Food  (1 of 1) Grootbos Food  (1 of 3) Grootbos Food  (3 of 3)

The Rooms

Although going on holiday is always a treat sometimes you can really miss your own bed and the comfort of your own home. Not at Grootbos! I stayed in the Forest Lodge, which definitely leans towards the modern side of things in terms of the architecture and decor. My bed was a beautiful four poster that opened up onto a deck with a breathtaking view. Another great feature of my room was the bathroom which had huge windows right by the bath, I even watched sunrise from my bath on the first morning. Forest Lodge (1 of 3)Grootbos Hotel  (1 of 1) Grootbos  (1 of 1)-4

Sunrise from my bathtub

Sunrise from my bathtub


The Foundation

Although Grootbos is beautiful and luxurious what really makes it special is its heart. The foundation probably does more good things than there are types of Fynbos. Green Futures provides educational training to 8-12 unemployed young adults each year, which in an area like the Overberg is incredible! Siyakhula is the Grootbos farm, it not only provides Grootbos with a large amount of their food but the farm also offers skills development in organic agriculture AND they even bottle their own spring water on site. There really is so much more the the foundation, if you want to volunteer or donate to it click here. Grootbos Foundation  (4 of 5) Grootbos Foundation  (3 of 5) Grootbos Foundation  (1 of 5) Grootbos Foundation  (2 of 5) Grootbos Foundation  (5 of 5)

The View 

I say view, but there is way more than just one view in and around the reserve, I had to make an effort not to have my eye glued to my viewfinder for the entire trip and just sit back and relax. From the view in the restaurant, to your room, to the expanse below you if you look anywhere in the reserve your eyes will drool! Grootbos  (1 of 1)-6 Grootbos  (1 of 1)Grootbos Hotel  (1 of 1)-2