Anyone else get thrown off by the public holiday this week? I’m not sure if I’m coming or going! Is it Friday, is it Monday, what year is this?!

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that I’ve been really busy this past month, I’ve barely had a moment to even say the word ‘blog’! One of the habits I’ve gotten into that’s saved me a whole lot of time and given my mornings way more purpose and direction is a little morning routine that I thought I’d share with you! I’ve also partnered with Avon this week to tell you a little bit more about their new fragrance: Free.

Avon Free has become my ‘go get ’em’ perfume of choice. It really is such a great balance of florals without being too florally and mature but still interesting enough to not just fade into the background.  It’s like my everyday perfume but there’s nothing every day about it. Avon Free is spoiling all of you by giving away R1000 in Avon Hampers, iPads and a R20 000 Avon gift card. You can enter here.

So, with that said, here’s how I’ve started taking charge of my days.

1. I’ve created a simple beauty routine.

Not all beauty routines are created equal. I’m not someone who can just wake up looking like they’ve just walked down a runway and I’m also not someone who will dedicate three hours to contouring my face and making sure my hair is perfectly straight (props to the women that do that though, no glam shaming here). The perfect balance between is the beauty trifecta. Moisturise, eyebrows and perfume.

When my skin is moisturised it’s happy, and I’m, guessing yours will be too. You don’t need to put on foundation every day and giving your skin a break is actually a good thing. Slapping on some moisturiser will keep your skin glowing and happy the whole day.

Your eyebrows frame your face, NEVER underestimate the power of taking 10 seconds to fill them and give them a brush it makes the world of difference!

I remember when I was young my mom would always wear specific perfumes for different occasions. I’ve adopted that and I have a set of different delicious smelling bottles for different moods or occasions. I’ve been wearing Avon Free for a couple of weeks now so next time you see me feel free to smell me heheh =)

2. I’ve started eating on-the-go

I’ve moved from working mornings at home to having to be on location pretty early in the day. Craig and I have gone from eating breakfast together almost every day to only a few times a week (if we’re lucky…sad face). All is not lost though! I’ve started prepping meals that I can eat when I’m travelling or on-the-go that way I can make sure I’m still eating properly but still saving time.

3. I’ve started laying out my clothes the night before

Okay, not everyone faces this problem but I feel like I never know what to wear. So I’ve started taking time in the evenings to lay out exactly what I want to wear, that means there’s no time spent staring into my closet blankly.

4. I’ve carried on scheduling my day (as much as possible)

You guys already know I’m a stickler for time, I’ve written about it before. It’s a little harder when my time isn’t always mine and I’m getting pulled in a million directions but it’s still really useful to take the time to plan as much as possible! It takes five minutes and generally makes me feel like I have control over what’s coming up!

Don’t forget to contact Avon to find your closest rep so you can smell great like me!

Thanks to Avon for Supporting She Said.