When a hotel really has the whole package it stands out amongst its peers, One&Only Cape Town has been around the block and it’s not going anywhere, and why would we want it to? It’s got the views, the location, the luxury and most importantly the best breakfast buffet in the Southern Hemisphere (but more about that later!). Craig and I recently headed to Cape Town for a couple of days to experience the hotel and everything it has to offer, and I can’t wait to go back!

1. It’s A ‘Bucket List Stay’

Okay, I’m not really one to get excited about bragging rights, but staying at the One&Only Cape Town is one of those things everyone wants to do at least once (I’m pretty sure it’s not just me). They’re famous for so much, their rooms, food, service…even their cookies! It’s an incredible experience staying in a place where every little detail has been thought of, the staff are always smiling…and the cookies are always close at hand. It’s not often that I bring up a hotel in a conversations and almost every person either says they’ve stayed there and they loved it or that they’ve been dreaming of going for ages.

2. The Breakfast Buffet Is What Dreams Are Made of

If it’s true what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day then One&Only Cape Town has you covered, and then some. While every experience at the hotel I had was astounding, the breakfast was my favourite part. Hotel breakfast buffets usually bring to mind powdered eggs, weird sausages and an extraordinarily large amount of cooked onions. I can assure you that you won’t find anything like that anywhere near the buffet. Each morning the entire length of Reuben’s is filled with every type of breakfast you can imagine. They have oysters and champagne, fresh bagels and salmon, smoothie bowls, protein shakes, hot breakfast, cold breakfast, DIY omeletts, pastries, and of course a belgian waffle station with toppings galore…not to mention the à la carte menu. I fell in love with the buffet and wish I had more time to spend marvelling over the goodies on offer.

If you’re not staying at the hotel you can still enjoy the breakfast at the hotel, I hear that it’s a favourite amongst the banting clan! To book click here.

3. The Service Is Incredible

…I might even go as far as to say it’s the best service I’ve ever experienced in a hotel of its standards. Craig and I were blown away by the smiles, helpfulness and knowledge of each staff member. Have you ever been to a place where you get passed on to someone else when asking a question and next thing you’ve been on a wild goose chase for thirty minutes just to find out if they stock Almond Milk or what’s the quickest way to get from A to B? Well, you won’t find that at the One&Only. Each staff member is as knowledgable as the next, I even had one of the night guards recommend a wine  for my dinner!

4. The High Tea Is Worthy Of The Queen…And So Is The View

If there’s one thing I know it’s cake. I was surrounded by cake from an early age because my mom used to own three Home Industries that pumped out cake after cake! The High Tea at One&Only Cape Town is up there with my mom’s cakes, and that’s the highest praise I can give someone! High Tea is hosted every day in the hotel’s Vista Lounge and Bar from 2.30PM to 5.30PM. High Tea is R295 per person and includes a daily spread of sweet and savoury treats and bottomless tea and coffee. Craig went a little mad on the buffet trying everything from the chocolate mousse cake, custard eclairs, the salted caramel brownies and a few savoury treats (I’m not sure where he puts it all!). I’m more of a simple eater when it comes to cake and I tucked into the fresh scones with strawberry jam and cream, because is high tea even high tea without scones? I also tried the orange meringues which tasted like a citrus explosion, I’d love to see how the chef creates such an intense flavour! Lastly you have to try a One&only cookie…and maybe stuff a few in your pockets for later.

To book your high tea click here.

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5. You’ll Never Want To Leave The Spa

I’m really blessed that I get to go to quite a few spas pretty often, it’s my burden to bare as a blogger, I know! The spa at One&Only however is something you see in ‘the movies’, I honestly was half expecting a bond girl to come sauntering out of the beautiful pool that surrounds the spa…did I  mention they also have lilos in the pool just waiting for you to laze on? Because they do! It’s also on an island in the middle of the resort…see I told you!

Craig and I indulged in a couples massage, I love really hard and deep massages, they make me fall asleep, which might sound weird but the better and firmer the massage the faster I fall asleep…let’s just say I was out for the count in the first ten minutes. What makes the spa truly special is that you don’t have to have your treatment and rush off, you can stay for hours lingering in the recovery room where you have your choice of healthy or indulgent snacks and a warm day bed to relax on. Then of course there is the sauna, steam room and vitality pool to get you refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day. Craig and I got so wrapped up in enjoying the spa that before we knew it we had spent three hours there. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel I’d really recommend treating yourself to a treatment or a day at the spa.

To book your little slice of heaven click here.

6. Their Cocktails Are Works of Art

The Barmen at One&Only take their cocktails seriously…and it shows. Each cocktail on the menu is so well thought out and constructed I actually felt bad drinking them! The cocktail menu is inspired by South Africa and Cape Town so don’t be surprised when you’re sipping from a mini potjie pot or marvelling at the Clifton cocktail (my favourite!). All cocktails are available at Vista Lounge and Bar  and are accompanied by live music every night.

Check out the full live music lineup here.

7. Reuben’s Reuben’s and Reuben’s

I was completely taken aback by the sheer size of Reuben’s, the ceiling is at least three stories high…and there’s a wine cellar the same height. The restaurant however still manages to retain a level of intimacy and exclusivity. Reuben’s offers an à la carte menu but Craig and I opted to have the five course tasting menu with a wine pairing just so we could taste as much as possible. Each and every single dish placed in front of us was licked clean…I seriously licked them clean and got a few funny stares! My favourite dish was the fillet tartare, I rarely eat red meat but I have a soft spot for tartare and man oh man was it delicious. You also have to try out the octopus carpaccio…and everything else on the menu.

To book your night of indulgence at Reuben’s click here.

8. The Grounds Are Big And So Are The Beds

Last but not least you’ll want to stay at One&Only Cape Town because it’s just so damn beautiful. I love hotels where the grounds are so well-kept you don’t really want to leave, and seeing as we regularly visit Cape Town we did just that! I can imagine if you’re visiting Cape Town on holiday you’ll want to go out and explore every day but having the One&Only to come home to isn’t half bad if you ask me.

I also always judge a hotel on their quality of sheets and how comfortable their beds are…although doesn’t everyone? Craig and I battled to get out of bed the next morning, finally we decided to go down for breakfast, and then we got back into bed!

All the opinions in this article are my own.