Anyone else feel like there was zero easing into 2017? I can’t believe January is almost over and I’m already scrambling to keep up with emails, meetings and deadlines. I was chatting to Craig yesterday and I was saying how I wish I could just for one day not have any responsibility. I know it’s all part of growing up but don’t you wish you could just be a teenager again or just live on a beach and your biggest worry would be how many times you were going to swim that day. I guess I could do that, the beach bum option… not the teenager one.

Before I get us all feeling  melancholy here’s a bit of fashion to make you smile, it sure does make me smile! I got this shirt last year for a shoot I did and I didn’t end up using it but I liked it so much I didn’t want to return it, in my head I had the perfect skirt for it but I hadn’t found it until I was in Cape Town earlier this week. The whole look came together so nicely and I’m so amped I can finally wear what I’ve had pictured in my mind for the past few months, for some reason it reminds me of something my mom would wear when she was younger.

Shirt: Mango

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Superga

Scarf: Zara

Glasses: Mr P