It’s that time of the year again, time to pack your car, leave your shower and clean sheets at home and travel to Northam for one of South Africa’s best festivals, hello Oppikoppi 2015.

Anna-Belle Mulder (2 of 5) Anna-Belle Mulder (1 of 5)This Oppikoppi will be my fourth Oppi in a row, somehow I just keep ending back at the farm knee deep in dust. I’m by no means a veteran but it’s safe to say I know my way around those dusty streets (or at least I like to think I do). One of the things I’ve noticed over the last few years is that the guys at Oppi really do have it easy. They can wear a scraggly pair of shorts and a vest the entire weekend and still look good, whereas us girls have to give-up the safety of our GHDs and step into a world of dust and try look good with what ever we have.

When I realised that I would be returning to Oppi this year I made a beeline for Topshop to find a decent mix between fashionable and durable clothes that wouldn’t get dirty or creased too easily. If you haven’t already heard Topshop has a personal shopper service, so if you have something specific in mind or not a clue in the world the in-store stylist will help you identify trends and the perfect outfit that still suits your personality, and what’s more is that it’s 100% free to all Topshop customers.

Festival Essentials (2 of 7)I picked a few items that are pretty durable and comfortable, don’t need ironing but are still super on trend. I’ve kept some items as a surprise for my post Oppi Style post but here are some of my essentials for a good, fashionable time, I also just had a dance party in my living room, which is always fun.

Anna-Belle Mulder (1 of 7) Anna-Belle Mulder (2 of 7) Anna-Belle Mulder (3 of 7)My favourite piece from my Topshop personal shopping experience is this awesome jumpsuit, I love the print and the material. Jumpsuits are great for the type of weather we’re having, where you’re not quite sure if it’s hot or cold.

Packing for Oppikoppi (14 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (16 of 22)My second ‘must take with item’ is a pair of comfortable shorts, I love these shorts because they’re high waisted but not too tight so I can crouch down and take photos as I please without having to twist my body into weird positions cause my pants are too tight (we’ve all been there).

Packing for Oppikoppi (10 of 22)You also can’t ever go wrong with a good t-shirt, I love white shirts but unfortunately the dust at Oppi doesn’t so I found this light green shirt that looks just as great. The material is also great because it has a slight crease to it even when ironed. Packing for Oppikoppi (11 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (12 of 22)If you haven’t been to Oppikoppi you won’t know that it gets bitterly cold at night so a beanie is a MUST! I love the colour of this beanie, it’s a mixture between Ox Blood and Burnt Orange at it makes me happy! You’ll also need as many wet wipes as possible, a good pair of sunnies, some comfortable boots and of course a buff.

Anna-Belle Mulder (3 of 5) Festival Essentials (6 of 7) Lastly but definitely not least no festival would be complete without a festival dress. I love forrest green, it’s my favourite colour by far so when I saw this dress I snapped it up immediately. This is definitely a dress that looks better on so stay tuned for an outfit post after I survive the dust.

Packing for Oppikoppi (22 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (21 of 22)If you want to try out the Topshop personal shopping experience you can either call the store and setup an appointment or just rock up and hope she’s free. The personal shopping change room is at the end of the change rooms in the Sandton store, it’s got a beautiful set of couches and a coffee machine!

Packing for Oppikoppi (4 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (3 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (1 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (2 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (8 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (9 of 22) Packing for Oppikoppi (6 of 22)