I first found Paper Jet on Instagram through a friend, and then on Sunday I stumbled across them at Arts on Main. I’m in love with their Selfie cards and you should be too! They also have some flipping cool coasters.

The nicest thing about paper jet designs is…

We turned our tiny rooftop store room into a studio and taught ourselves how to screen print (with the help of books and youtube of course!).

We’re are always eager to learn new techniques to keep our designs fresh.


1. Who are you and how did you start Paper Jet?

We are Telri and Steven. We are both Graphic Designers who love Illustration and hand-drawn Typography.

In 2010 we were asked to contribute to a market, we put some illustrations we created over the years on to cards and thats basically how we started.

We decided to keep Paper Jet going as our little after hours project, it has steadily grown and now it has become Telri’s full time job.

2. Can you tell me more about the selfie cards?

The Selfie cards feature close up faces of a guy, a girl and an owlet, we wanted the faces to fill up the whole front and back of the card. We were also just having fun with the idea of people taking selfies all the time. We hope to add more selfies to the range soon.

The cards are two-colour screen prints and we had a lot of fun making them.



3. Where can people find you/your products?

We will be selling from Market on Main now and again (mostly the first Thursday night of every month).

We also sell at The Fringe Arts in Cape Town and Lonehill, Catalyst in Umhlanga, Flowered Earth in Namibia, Three Marys at Stanley 44, Johannesburg. We also sell online at www.we-heart-this.com and www.greenelephantcollective.co.za or just drop us a mail with your order.