Everyone gives a little to those in need, one way or another, but it always astounds me people use the tools they have available to them to create something really beautiful and different. Three local women by the names of Jo Theron, Shannon Davis & Kirsten Townsend, have decided to help three other local women vendors, Alitha Ndlovu, Busi Priscilla Khumalo and Johanna Ramufhi by creating their visual identities. And do you know what? It flipping rocks! 

Using what skills they have and working under the name Being Frank, these amazing ladies aim to help transform simple street vendor trailers into uniquely branded, mobile health and safety compliant food trailers,complete with a fully-equipped, fully functional kitchens. While the ladies behind Being Frank have done their bit around making the trailers look pretty they need help equipping the vendors with the proper tools to grow their business.

The awesome thing is that YOU can help by offering your time, services or products to better equip the vendors involved in the project. Being Frank isn’t just going to make their trailers look awesome the overall goal is to  up-skill the vendors with knowledge and business skills to create a sustainable business.

If you would like to offer your help to this incredible cause by ‘adopting a vendor’. Seriously in anyway you can help Being Frank will take you up on it!  Your Reward? Watching three women, enriched by you, inspire countless others to do the same, making a difference to thousands. If you’re keen to help out email  Being Frank at info@beingfrank.co with subject line: ‘Adopt-a-Vendor Challenge.’ You can also donate to the cause on their IndieGoGo page here, they also have some really cool rewards for you over and above changing someone’s life if you donate!. 

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