Earlier this year I wrote about how I never used to wear low cut tops because I was always so self conscious about wearing them with small boobs. Well, I’ve moved on from that and I’m totally embracing the no bra train too.

It’s been really great getting more and more comfortable in my own skin as I’ve grown older, not that I’ve ever felt overly self conscious but in the past year I’ve definitely moved to just accepting that my body is the way it is and it’s beautiful in it’s own right.

I got the cutest pink velvet dress from My Scattered Heart and it’s perfect for summer days, no bra… and feeling like Baby Spice. For real, you wouldn’t have caught me in anything like this this time last year because I would have been so self conscious! It feels really good to think back on how far I’ve come to just accept my body while getting fit and healthy, I think just feeling better heath wise has impacted my confidence the most. Anyone else started feeling more and more confident as they grow older?


Dress: My Scattered Heart

Shoes: Call It Spring

Choker: Forever 21

P.S if you’re still looking for the perfect costume for the summer holidays, I’ve bought all my costumes from My Scattered Heart for summer and they have some goodies!

…and this one is for Craig, thanks for being a great Instagram hubby!