Sometimes I think I’m going to end up like one of those crazy old ladies on hoarders, how do you know when you have too much art and beautiful things in your house?

Alessandro Ripane was born in Genoa (Italy, but he’s lived and worked for a period in Sweden) exactly in the middle of 1989.
Due to the lack of wild animals in the city of Genoa, Alessandro bought a lot of books about it.
Due to the lack of superheroes in the city of Genoa, Alessandro bought a lot of comics about it.
Needless to say, soon became an expert in both categories, even if now draw a little bit of everything, except the aliens, because it is not sure how they are dressed.

Now he’s engaged to fight the fall of his hair, to compose sophisticated music of the future, to learn how to draw aliens and watch a lot of movies about monsters and zombies that he has not seen yet.

I feel like his illustrations would make a beautifully weird wallpaper don’t you?