There’s nothing romantic about receiving an email, I get about 70 emails a day, so it’s safe to say the excitement of receiving them wore off about two years ago, and whether you get less or more emails chances are you’re also not particularly thrilled by them anymore. However, if you’re anything like me when you get mail, actual physical post you get pretty excited, that’s why I think Presents In The Post is the best thing since Gmail.

Presents In The Post is a subscription service and online store that puts you face to face with upcoming South African designers and their work. You can surprise yourself or someone else with one or more presents in the post, with their offering ranging from R350 for one present to R1370 for four.  The best thing is you only need to subscribe once and then the presents just roll on in. You can subscribe here.

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Presents In The Post change up their offering really often so you’ll never get the same present and if it’s an illustration you will get a signed and numbered limited edition print. I got the most beautiful print which you can check out below.

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Seeing as it’s Valentine’s though chances are you’ll want to get your special someone…or anyone a present special for them. Presents In The Post have partnered with Skoon skincare for the ladies and a copy of the incredible Twenty Journey for the lads.

If you’re not too excited about getting a subscription you can check out their beautifully curated online store here.

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