My friend Gina who is not only one of the most beautiful people i know but one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met,  recently started making the most beautiful wreaths which I can just imagine wearing at a beautiful beach bonfire or festival this summer, she also does custom orders so you can have your own one of a kind wreath.

The loulou

The nicest thing about Antheia Wreaths is…

a little bit magic, a little bit kooky and very unique. (They have also been known to make people dance and howl at the moon.) Its awesome watching someone putting on a wreath and immediately transforming their look into something classical and ethereal.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Gina, otherwise known as Gigi- I’m an ecologist and a sustainability expert by day, with a burning passion for the outdoors, a penchant for red wine, getting my hands dirty, riding my bike Piet, and finding weird and wonderful things to create with in my spare time. Born and raised in Johannesburg, I moved to Cape Town 6 years ago, got sucked into the fynbos and never looked back.

The Thebes

2. How did you start Antheia Wreaths?

As a child I’d always been a little obsessed with flowers and insects (I was one of those weirdo children who kept pet snails and talked to flowers) and was fascinated with the idea of nymphs- magical, powerful, woman personifying features of nature. I suppose that’s really where all this wonderful folly started, way back when. The actual catalyst to starting Antheia wreaths came from a slightly mad arts and crafts endeavour for Afrika Burns in May this year, where I made a selection of whimsical hair-pieces to galavant around the desert with. I subsequently wore them to a number of music festivals, (most recently Rocking the Daisies) and some quite formal occasions and got the same response- people wanted to know where they could find one! I so enjoy making them, so I though ‘why the heavens not start something?’ My work as an ecologist takes me all over the world, from Bali to Zanzibar, to the Far East- traditional cultural attire gives me so much inspiration! Recently I brought home an ornate antique Balinese marital hair-piece, which looks like a golden halo and is just astoundingly beautiful- I hope to bring elements of this into my upcoming bridal collection.




Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 4.10.22 PM

3. Everyone seems to be wearing wreaths and flowers in the hair this summer, what advice would you give to someone who wants to stand out from the crowd?

The whimsical look is definitely in! Wreaths should be a statement piece, a ‘crowning glory’ and not just fake flowers in your hair, like everybody else. That’s why I choose to make each of my wreaths just that little bit different and can weave in whatever little bits of magic you want peeking out between the flowers. Some people want silver frogs hidden between silk roses, others tiny ginger cats and blossoms. I get a new ‘menagerie’ of fauna in each month in an assortment of colours- this month it’s golden beetles which have been such a hit. Check out the website’s homepage to see whats in stock each month or if you really want something special, I’ll do my best to find it.

DSC06184 DSC06242

4.Do you have a favorite wreath?

My favourite wreath right now is the Oracle- it has tigers, peacocks, elephants and palm trees woven in. I do make some more demure wreaths with softer colours and delicate flowers but this particular wreath is a little bit wild and out there. You kind of feel like a Persian goddess in it.


 5.Where can people find your stuff?

Antheia’s wreaths are online at the moment and pieces can be couriered outside of Cape Town. The summer range will be released in December and will be stocking shops around CT too. Check out the current selection at or on Facebook at Custom orders are most welcomed too of course!