Were roller skates and roller blades a thing when you were growing up? Well they were for me, and although I can’t say I was ever very good I really used to enjoy racing down the street with the other kids in the neighbourhood. I can even remember that my roller blades were purple black and green! Although I won’t get those days back, Rolling Cherry is now open for business and it’s just as exciting.roller rink (1 of 1)The rink was started by two young locals, Diako Khakhane and Sizwe Sibeko, who are committed to the regeneration of Joburg. The duo felt that Joburg needed a wakeup call and started the rink to bring a little more variety to the city as well as to draw people into it, that means no more sitting around saying ‘There’s nothing to do”. Rolling Cherry is committed to changing perceptions about the inner city and whether or not anyone actually looks good roller skating. They also have a full stocked bar and a Karaoke room, so once you’ve gone around the rink a few times, you can cool off with a beer and an out of tune rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.Jobest Blog (2 of 5) Jobest-3-of-7If you’re afraid of falling don’t worry Rolling Cherry provides elbow and knee guards, unfortunately there are no guards available for your dignity. You can hire a set of skates for three hours at a time: adults (R100) or (R60) with your own skates and kids (R65) or (R30) with your own skates.  Jobest Blog (4 of 5) rolling-cherry-10 Jobest-4-of-7You can find Rolling Cherry at 7 Sivewright Avenue, Johannesburg. You can get your skates and knee pads on from Thursday to Friday 18:00PM – 22:00PM, Saturday to Sunday 09:00AM – 22:00PM. Mondays to Wednesdays they are Closed.

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