Roses are red, violets are blue I love Rosie Toes and Rosehip and so should you!Rosie Toes Shoes (7 of 9)Much to Craig’s dismay, I’m obsessed with clothes and shoes. I’ve recently discovered two South African brands that have me smiling from ear to ear and Craig crying softly in a corner as I take over his side of the cupboard. On my recent trip to Stellenbosch with Stellenbosch Wine Routes, Angie and I spent quite a lot of time in the actual Stellenbosch town. The area has the most beautiful wine farms but I must say the town holds a special place in my heart, I love the architecture and the feeling you get when you walk through the streets.

Anna-Belle Mulder (10 of 26)On one of the days we stopped for a cup of tea at the Oude Werf hotel, if you haven’t paid the hotel a visit you definitely have to it’s the perfect combination of old meets new and their staff are wonderful. In-between some sips of tea Angie took a few picture and they were too great not to share with you. Thanks as always to Miss Lucky Pony herself for making me look half decent.

Anna-Belle Mulder (18 of 26)Rosie Toes is still relatively new in the shoe space, it was started in January by a lovely lady named Inge. Inge started Rosie Toes by chance and has been sewing away ever since.  If you want to get your very own hand-crafted pair you can order them online here, there are so many different types you’re probably going to have a hard time choosing!

Rosie Toes Shoes (9 of 9) Anna-Belle Mulder (8 of 26) Anna-Belle Mulder (14 of 26) Rosie Toes Shoes (8 of 9)I first saw my Rosehip coat at the Thrupps Centre, I dropped hints for about a month that it would make an awesome present until I took matters into my own hands and went and bought myself one at their new store in 27 Boxes. I can’t tell you how much I love this coat…even though I’m pretty sure it’s meant for old ladies when they garden! Like Rosie Toes, Rosehip is all about local materials and manufacturing. To check out more of their goodies click here.

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Rosie Toes Shoes (3 of 9) Rosie Toes Shoes (2 of 9)Thanks again to Stellenboch Wine Routes and Oude Werf for being for being the most wonderful hosts! If you have any other amazing South African brands that I should know about let me know in the comments section below.

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