The chicken might be the main event at Rosto, Linden’s very own Italian roastery, but their bread is what I keep going back for and I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before you’re hooked too.

Rosto has been open for quite a while and it’s become a go-to for Craig and myself because we know we’ll always get a great meal that’s affordable and freshly prepared.

Each time I visit Rosto I convince myself I’ll only have one slice of Garlic Foccacia and literally end up eating at least four huge pieces, once Craig and I even skipped dinner and only ate piece after piece of Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia… we went to gym twice the following day so it’s totally fine, right? One reason why Rosto’s bread is so tasty might be that the yeast that it’s made from is almost 100 years old and was sourced from an old family bakery in Milan, yes, you’re literally eating bread that is filled with Italian history. My favourite flavour is the Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia but you can also choose from Wild Oregano, Parmesan and Onion, Sea Salt or Red Pesto and Pancetta, and from only R12 a slice you might as well get one of each.

If you haven’t gorged yourself into a coma on their bread Rosto specialises in spit roasted  100% free range chicken, but they also have a great selection of sides/starters some tasty pasta/bake type dishes and of course their famous la porchetta Thursday night specials…think pork crackling and sandwiches filled with the taste of Italy.

My favourite dish is the Parmigiana di Melanzane (R55 for a small portion), it’s freshly prepared so it takes a little while to get you but it’s worth the wait. When I’m not in the mood for the Parmigiana di Melanzane my next choice is always a portion of Chicken with sides, Craig loves this option because it’s pretty healthy and you can choose what flavour chicken you would like. If you’re visiting Rosto for the first time you have to try the Chickpea Fries (R25 for a small portion), they’re a great alternative to potato chips and the salt on them balances out the rich flavours of the chicken. I’d also recommend the Marinated Corn (R22) and at least one of their meatball dishes, the Agnello e Pistacchio (R110) is a favourite. Chicken portions start at R55 and go up to R170 for a full chicken. For the full menu click here.

Rosto also has an incredible selection of drinks including their gin menu, try the Lemon Peel and Elderflower Blossom Gin (R40), perfect for the fast approaching warmer days…and cold days…okay all the days who am I kidding. You can check out more of their Gin options here.

If you’re looking for real Italian, simple yet flavoursome food, Rosto is the place for you…I’ll be the girl in the corner eating all the bread!

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Address: 69 7th Street, Linden, 2104

Contact: +27 11 888 0369 OR