As the festive season fast approaches (too fast if you ask me), chances are you’ll be heading to your local mall to buy gifts for your loved ones. This Christmas I’ve made a real effort to ensure that all of my gifts are made locally by a group of really talented people and incredible brands.

When you really take a moment to look around you instead of going for the easier…and more crowded route you’ll be amazed at what’s out there! I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite South African brands to help you find the perfect gift. What’s more is each and every one of them are giving away a gift to you! Seventeen people will win seventeen gifts and ONE lucky person will win all seventeen gifts. How rad!?

The point of this list really is to highlight our local talent and products. Please take the time to share the love with brands  that you connect with and head over to my Facebook Page to enter and comment on this post for an extra entry!

So without further ado, here’s the list:


Nifty250 were pioneers in Instagram printing in SA and made it cool again to actually physically touch your memories. I think they are one of the best young brands in the country, owned and run by some of the coolest young people in the country. Nifty 250 have a number of different types prints to choose from, ranging from posters, to instamatics and even photo stickers! You can print straight from your Instagram photos or upload any photos you want to print. I couldn’t think of a better way to share memories this December.

The Gift: Nifty250 will be giving away two R400 vouchers for you to head on over to their site to print out all your memories!

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Simon and Mary

If you’ve seen me running around, you would have seen me wearing my Simon and Mary hat. I’ve worn it so much over the past two years I’ve worn the one side in…but I’m not giving up on it just yet. Simon and Mary is an incredible brand based in Joburg, and you guessed it they make hats! This local millinery is run by such lovely people and the love they pour into their work shows in every hat they make. I know I’d like one of their hats for Christmas (HINT HINT CRAIG) and I’m sure someone you know would too.

The Gift: Simon and Mary will be giving away two hats of the two winners choice to shield them from the summer sun and keep them looking good way after the holidays.

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Earlier this year, the most beautiful blue couch became a part of my home. It’s seen a lot of laughs, afternoon naps and an unhealthy amount of reality TV. Before becoming familiar with Coricraft I had no clue each and every one of their couches is made right here in South Africa. Coricraft also offer any of their couches in any of their fabric on offer. I love that they don’t have a one size fits all approach!

Over the festive season Coricraft is holding their 40 deals in 40 days campaign with a range of incredible offers to add to your home or that of a loved one!

The Gift: Coricraft is giving away a R500 voucher to one of you and an ENTIRE Connor Slipcover Couch in Berkeley fabric to the grand prize winner. Yup I said a couch!

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P.S. As each couch is made with love you’ll be able to order it this year but it will only be delivered in the new year. Perfection takes time!


Would the list be complete without a delicious snack? Of course not! I met one of the brains behind 1701 Nougat a little over a year ago and I was astounded by his love for creating beautiful, luxurious handmade treats. 1701 really does South Africa proud from their branding to the actual taste of their product and I can’t wait to see where the brand goes…besides into my belly! If you’re looking for the perfect stocking filler check out their festive crackers filled with everything from their honey nougat to a set of the cutest gingerbread men you will ever see.

The Gift:  1701 will be gifting one of you lovely people with a 1701 Festive Cracker filled with 600g of 1701 Honey Nougat and another one of you with 1701 Rope Handle Bag with two 160g boxes of 1701 Honey Nougat. Nougat heaven!

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YOURS Ceramics

I really commend people who take risks, time and effort to follow their passion. Claire Searle created YOURS ceramics after starting making ceramics as a hobby. Now you’ll find her at markets like KAMERS where she lovingly shares her creations with the rest of the country. Each and every single piece is made and painted by hand so yours will be the only one of its kind. YOURS has everything from ceramic Christmas decorations, small bowls to large bowls that would make your mother in law love you forever (if she doesn’t love you after a gift from YOURS you should give up now!).  To order from YOURS contact Claire on her Instagram account.

The Gift:  YOURS will be gifting two lucky souls two Sadie bowls and two gold painted christmas decorations each. I just bought myself some Sadie bowls and trust me they are beautiful!

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Claudia Moruzzi 

Good PJs and good sheets are a staple in my house. Once you see some of Claudia Moruzzi’s designs you’re going to refuse to go to sleep in your old team building t-shirt…or let your partner do the same! All of Claudia’s designs are really romantic and just plain beautiful. It’s a bit of a struggle not to blow all my money on a new set every time I see her Instagram posts.

Claudia Moruzzi is offering 10% off all of her pieces between now and Christmas, all you need to do is  use the code FESTIVE16 at checkout.

The Gift:  Claudia Moruzzi is going to help two of you sleep beautifully with two of her short kimonos in milk. Before you start wondering why her kimonos come soaked in milk it’s the colour of the kimono!

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Earlier this year Craig asked me why I like Zana so much and why almost every single room in our apartment has a couple of their products in it. My answer was that it’s all just too damn pretty not to have! Other than that, Zana is just consistently producing great designs that seamlessly fit into your home, plus it’s run by an all woman team! I’m a total fan girl of the Zana ladies and I’m not even embarrassed to say it!

Check out their festive table decor ideas here.

The Gift:  Zana will be gifting two of their gold triangle small soft pots. I’ve got one that lives in my lounge and it brings so much to the room, you’re going to love it.

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Me and Youth

I discovered Me and Youth a while back and its become a staple in my beauty routine. I’m pretty sure there’s magic in their bottle of make up fixer because even when you’re not wearing makeup it gives you the most beautiful glow. If you wont take my word that their secret ingredient is magic then it probably has something to do with the rosewater, cucumber and aloe vera extract that’s in the spray.

The Gift:  Me and Youth will be changing your faces by giving away two bottles of their Quick Makeup Fix.

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Maria Magdalena Atelier

I find it hard to express just how much I love Maria Magdalena’s work, she’s one of my favourite South African artists, her work is unique, astounding and even better it’s incredibly accessible. I own a couple of her pieces and she did a commission for me as my gift to Craig for our first wedding anniversary (paper) which means so much to the both of us. Seriously how special is it to give someone their very own artwork that no one else will ever have without having to break the bank?

Maria Magdalena Atelier is running an incredible special on the best artworks of 2016 for only R250 including shipping so be sure to visit her site to order yours.

The Gift: Maria Magdalena Atelier will be gifting two lucky readers two “The Pianist” fine art prints.

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Lou Harvey

I first discovered Lou Harvey through my friend Lucy who is obsessed with everything to do with the brand. Lou Harvey has a range unlike any I’ve seen before with everything from children’s lunch boxes to aprons and makeup bags. I love Lou Harvey because you can get matching sets, boy do I love things that match AND she has the most incredible patterns and prints. Cowboys and Indians check, beautiful florals check, robots check!

The Gift: Lou Harvey will be gifting two beach bags (with the design of their choice) to two holiday makers. Everything with the Lou Harvey name on it is made with care in Durban so they are guaranteed to make you very happy on your holiday!

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Thomas Robert

Craig and I have been smelling particularly good lately because we recently discovered Tomas Robert a local perfume brand that smells big but is small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag. The perfumes and lip balms are really well priced for such amazing quality and will make incredible stocking fillers. You can shop the brand on their newly launched online store or if you’re in Joburg I saw them at toast&co in Craighall.

If smelling good wasn’t reason enough to get your paws on their perfume the brand is also doing incredible work creating jobs around the country !

The Gift: Thomas Robert will be giving away two incredible hampers to keep you fresh over the holidays!

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I Speak Gayle

Inspired by the Kinks and Queens of the 60’s, who used women’s names to describe the everyday mundane. Expect pieces like The Mildred (mentally deranged) Jackets, The Cora(Uncouth) Shirt collection and loads more. More important than the hilarious names is that all the garments are made from locally sourced fabric and made in Joburg and Cape Town  by local patternmakers,cutters, seamstresses and tailors. I love the colours and the cuts of their shorts and can’t wait to beef up my summer wardrobe! If you’re taking presents overseas I really think I Speak Gayle is a great choice to represent SA!

The Gift: I Speak Gayle will be giving two of you the gift of fashion through two sets of their shorts and shirts combos.

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Volpes is another incredible brand that I had no idea was South African before this year. It’s another success story, starting from PE yonks ago it’s grown to be a huge company with stores accross South Africa. Most of my linen is from them and I really can attest to the quality…remember how I said good linen is a standard in my house? Volpes have also added a few other goodies to their website so check it out to see their full offering.

If you’re looking for a simple way to give your bedroom a makeover for the holidays Volpes have just launched their summer range which is filled with really fun prints and subtle colours.

The Gift: Volpes is gifting two of you a a 200 thread count Maine Duvet Cover Set for you to wake up with every morning of the holidays!

Show them some love: Follow Volpes on Facebook and Instagram.


Lulu and Marula

Lulu and Marula is the epitome of looks good on the outside feels good on the inside and I stand by their Nourishing Mask and Polish face mask. Each Lulu and Marula product is handmade and 100% natural. Each and every inch of it! Their face mask kits are a great present and come with a sweet little brush and handmade mixing bowl.

The Gift: Lulu and Marula is gifting two of you two of their Energising Body Balms, get read to smell and feel amazing.

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Sweet Sarah Jane Cross Stitch

I’m proud to say I’ve already ordered three of the Sarah Jane Cross Stitch creations as Christmas presents and you should too! Sweet Sarah Jane Cross Stitch is run by two lovely Joburg ladies who plain and simple love cross stitching. You can commission them to create a one of a kind piece for you of ANYTHING, or you can buy one of their kits and try your own hand at working a needle and thread which is really fun.

The Gift: Sweet Sarah Jane Cross Stitch will be gifting two of you a choice of a kit with a hoop and a R350 voucher for a 4″ custom order. Their custom orders are so cool just look at the one I received last week.

Show them some love: Follow Sweet Sarah Jane Cross Stitch  on Facebook and Instagram.



I came accross +NESS on Instagram and pretty much pounced on their stall when I came across them at KAMERS earlier this year. The artists behind +NESS create limited edition archival prints of prominent South African cities and buildings. I’m talking everything from Table Mountain to Ponte. Their prints are simple, structured and am incredible homage to South Africa, what’s not to love?

The Gift: The guys from +NESS will be gifting you two prints of your choice to two people who really love their cities.

Show them some love: Follow +NESS on Instagram.


Sammy Sheppard

Last, but by no means least is the beautiful stationary brand Sammy Sheppard. Sammy Sheppard always has some of the most beautiful stationary you can find in South Africa with a seemingly endless stream of inspiring prints, fun diaries, notebooks and so much more. Sammy Sheppard also has an fun collection of gift tags if you’re tired of using the same crumpled up ones you bought in bulk four years ago. Everyone needs a little bit of Sammy in their lives!

The Gift: Sammy Sheppard will help two of you start 2017 the right way by gifting you two diaries.

Show them some love: Follow Sammy Sheppard on Facebook and Instagram.palm-diary



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