Over the past couple of weeks you may have seen me sharing a few pictures from my collaboration with a new makeup brand that’s just launched in South Africa called 3ina. First things first it’s actually pronounced Mina… 3 is the M on it’s side. Now that we’ve got that straight I can tell you a little bit more about the brand.

Instead of just telling you about the brand and including a couple of product shots I thought it would be really awesome to create an entire shoot around a few of their staple products. I love how the shoot developed and morphed into this beautiful series of simple, elegant and interesting photographs! I’ve included proper credits below but high five to Rosanna, Sheena and Liezl for being so great to work with.

I’m not going to lie, before 3ina sent me a bag of their products to test out I hadn’t heard of them, but I didn’t feel too bad once I realised that they are a relatively new brand. The first thing that struck me about 3ina was the beautiful packaging and the quality of the products.

I’m no expert on makeup but I know what I like and I’ve learnt how to tell the difference between good and bad quality makeup from my amazing friend Alyssa who knows everything there is to know about makeup. 3ina isn’t just good quality it’s great quality! I’ve worn their hilighter almost everyday since I got it and it stays bright and beautiful for the entire day…oh did I mention I LOVE their hilighters? Seriously if you get one thing at 3ina make sure it’s a hilighter…and their matte lipstick…move over Kylie!

3ina is also cruelty free which after doing some research on I’m way more aware of when buying products, they take such a  strong stance against animal testing that each display in their store states that the products are cruelty fee. As if that wasn’t rad enough the price of the products are all really affordable, with the average price being R150. So if you love makeup but you haven’t won the lottery just yet you can kit yourself out without having to sell your furniture.

Currently there’s a 3ina store in Eastgate and there’s another one opening at Sandton in October.

The Eyeliner3ina South Africa (3 of 3)-2 3ina South Africa (2 of 3)-2 3ina South Africa (1 of 3)-2

The Hilighter

3ina Hilighter (1 of 1) 3ina Hilighter (2 of 3)3ina Hilighter (1 of 3)-2

The Eyeshadow & The Nail Polish3ina Hilighter (1 of 1)-2 3ina Nail Polish (1 of 1)
3ina Eyeshadow (1 of 1)

Model: Rosanna Heydenrych

Makeup: Liezl Leach

Stylist: Sheena Bagshawe

Art Direction and Photography: Me =) 3ina Pink (1 of 1)-6 2