Schoon de Companje is the result of a collaboration between Fritz Schoon, his wife Chanelle, who also happens to be a chef his sister Katryn and a handful of talented friends. Set in the centre of Stellenbosch town, you might battle to find a seat in this ever busy spot, but if you get there early chances are you will be just fine, chances are you will also get your bread served straight from the oven before it even hits the shelves. Stellenblog-23StellenblogSchoon de Companje is the bakery version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, everywhere you turn in the Bakery-cum-Restaurant you will find freshly baked bread, pretty macaroons, cold craft beer and waiters whizzing around serving delicious food to eager customers. Stellenblog-5 Stellenblog-14My good friend Natalie Roos joined me for brunch when I visited Schoon de Companje, she runs an amazing blog called Tails of a Mermaid which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. Tails of a Mermaid Natalie Roos_If you’re Banting you should probably stop it immediately, but it also won’t help your cause to pay the restaurant a visit as much of their menu uses the bakery to complete their out of this world dishes.

For brunch we had the Creamy Scrambled Eggs on toasted Schoon Sourdough with Smoked Bacon and Slow Roasted Tomato and the Bacon and Mustard Hotpress on Rye, both were so delicious we literally licked our plates clean (okay just me). For two people you are looking at about R250 for a decent meal and drinks. Schoon de Companje-14 Schoon de Companje-13 Schoon de Companje-12 Schoon de Companje-7 Schoon de Companje-4 Schoon de Companje-6Stellenblog-6 Stellenblog-9 Stellenblog-8 Stellenblog-11 Stellenblog-12 Stellenblog-16 Stellenblog-17 Stellenblog-20 Stellenblog-22 Stellenblog-24 Stellenblog-25This meal was part of my #Stellenblog trip, thanks so much to Stellenbosch Tourism for showing me such a lovely time.