Is it just me but are there an insane amount of beautiful South African Stationery brands popping up left right and centre. In this case, quantity does not impact the quality as each and every single brand and their designs is unique and world-class. One such stationery studio is Seven Swans. I first came accross Seven Swans while drooling over Hello Pretty’s Instagram account, which if you don’t already follow you need to get your ass into gear and check it out.

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Anelle Mostert started Seven Swans when she saw a gap in the market for affordable wedding stationery, something which I can really agree on after just having just organised our wedding. Anelle and her team have since moved on to creating ‘every day’ stationery that we can all enjoy, wedding or no wedding.

All of their stationery is created by hand, it’s either designed, painted or illustrated by Anelle and her team and most of their products are printed via letter-pressed, hot foil stamped or via heat transfer, giving each piece a special touch.

I love Seven Swan’s femininity, use of foil and humour in their current range and I can see it subtly suiting any setting/occasion.Yay for South African brands!

Shop Seven Swans here.

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