I met Shawn Ogulu through a  strange series of events when I was working in Durban a few months ago. Before I met him I had never seen any of his photographs and when I checked out his Instagram account I was greeted with beautiful scenes of Durban and South Africa.Shawn Ogulu  (3 of 3)Shawn Ogulu  (1 of 3)Shawn, like many photographers got into photography by experimenting with his iPhone and discovering Instagram. He takes most of his photos with his 6D (I have the same one and it’s such a beautiful piece of machinery), his main focus is landscape/cityscape photography and boy does he do it well.  Shawn is currently planning a trip to Iceland and I can’t wait to see all of his pictures, follow him here to follow his travels.

She Said Blog  (2 of 3) Shawn Ogulu  (2 of 3) She Said Blog  (1 of 3) She Said Blog  (3 of 3) She Said Blog  (2 of 2) She Said Blog  (1 of 2)