I’ve know Sheena for a while now but we’ve only become ‘friend friends’ over the past year, before our relationship involved greeting each other at events and staring each other down in a battle for the last cocktail snack. Since we discovered we have similar tastes and have started working together on personal and client work we’ve become good friends…although I’d still fight her for snacks.

Sheena is a stylist and also has her own blog called The Stylist’s Notebook, I love the way she styles fashion/editorial shoots in particular but she pretty much styles anything from toddlers to TV appearances.

To me, Sheena’s style could come straight from the cover of an awesome old edition of Vogue, she describes her style as pretty crazy but she likes a whole lot of different styles, currently she’s obsessed with a mix of the theatrical and classics with interesting detailing. Here’s a whole bunch of photos of her lovely face, can we just take a second to drool over the dress?

Dress: Zara

Turtleneck:  Mr P

Boots: Topshop

Rings: Dear Rae

Watch: Witchery