As a woman I’m always getting pampered, I get my nails done, I get massages I get to experience being treated like a queen at spas on a regular basis, something that most men aren’t really used to. Before Sorbet Man I imagine men had no idea what they were missing out on but now they do and there’s no going back.She Said BlogSorbet Man-12Sorbet Man has a whole host of offerings, it might even get some ladies wishing they were men for a day to take advantage of the treatments. The one that stood out the most for me was the Cut-Throat Shave (R150). Cut-Throat Shaves remind me of old movie stars and politicians in movies sitting in the barber chair talking business and getting their face steamed, as it turns out the real deal isn’t that much different. The whole experience is pretty awesome (even if you’re just watching) you really have to appreciate the skill and time it takes.

The best thing about doing a Cut-Throat Shave is that it lasts longer than the usual method of shaving. If you’re a guy that means you shave less, if you’re a woman that means less spikey kisses!

Sorbet Man-4 Craig Durrant_-3 Craig Durrant_-8 Craig Durrant_-10The Salon has a host of amazing barbers but we got one of the best in the form of Sammy. Craig liked him, and the shave so much he’s booking for his groomsmen to go get their faces neatened up before our wedding.Craig Durrant_Sorbet uses a range of grooming products for men called Blue Beards Revenge, their products help stunt hair growth and smell delicious, I literally couldn’t stop smelling Craig’s face.

Sorbet Man-2 Sorbet Man-3 Sorbet Man-6 Sorbet Man-10 Sorbet Man-16 You can find Sorbet Man opposite Cell C in Sandton City.She Said Blog-2 She Said Blog-4 She Said Blog-6 Sorbet Man-14 Sorbet Man-23 Sorbet Man