The last time I used a handbag was about two years ago, not that I have anything against them, intact I’m quite a fan. Somehow I just seem to have a crazy amount of stuff with me! 

I carry my camera everywhere with me, and of course that means I need a bunch of different lenses. I also always have snacks on me to satisfy my sugar cravings and out of the blue hunger pains, I can’t leave the house without my laptop either…you get the picture! By default the ridiculous amount of stuff I carry around has lead me to use backpacks pretty much everywhere, I even have one for smart occasions. 

South Africa is getting more and more varieties in everyday when it comes to backpack designs and the pool just got bigger with Mi-Pac launching in South Africa. MiPac South Africa 6 DSCF7282Mi-Pac Born is based in the UK, the initial concept behind the brand  was to take a staple item and add an twist, turning the classic backpack into an affordable, fashion accessory. 

The bags are available in an bunch of different colours, patterns, prints and designs…now all I need to do is find one for my wedding day. 

You can shop online for the bags at Superbalist

MiPac South Africa 3 DSCF7321 DSCF7351 DSCF7446 DSCF7554 DSCF7252 MiPac South Africa MiPac South Africa 2 MiPac South Africa 8