Uploading a post to Instagram and not tagging where you got your outfit from should be a crime! I know you also probably feel the frustration of wanting  that shirt or those pants. My phone is full of screenshots I’ve taken of pictures people have posted, hoping to one day find something similar, but I hardly ever do. I guess we all have bigger fish to fry than spend our lives asking strangers on Instagram where they got their clothes from.

I feel like the folks over at Spree have been watching me through my apartment windows because they’ve just launch a feature in their app that solves all my tagging woes! Since finding out about the feature I’ve honestly can’t stop using it, no, really, I’ve managed to track down some awesome pieces on their site that I didn’t know were there…which basically means I can start living my life as a Garry Pepper Girl , or at least have some of the fashion!

While you may have see similar apps overseas this is the first of its kind in SA and Africa! What the Image Search Feature does is: once you’ve uploaded a picture of the item you’re coveting after, the magical app will send you a list of items that are similar in colour, style and even texture. The image can be of any item you find, whether it’s on instagram, in a magazine or if you’re stalking someone on the street who’s wearing something you love. Once you find what you’re looking for you can shop directly from the app.

So you need proof? I’ve had the image below saved on one of my Pinterest boards for a while, I popped it into the Spree App and not even a second later I was looking at a beautiful Mango Jumpsuit that was similar bar a few things like the length and a few finishes.

Download the App here! 

Thanks to Spree for Supporting She Said.