Guys! I’m so so so excited that Summer is here…I know I know technically it’s supposed to be Spring but it feels like we skipped it and jumped in headfirst into 30 degree days. I’ve noticed that since the weather has gotten warmer I’ve pretty much been living in the same things, I know it might not seem like it from all my posts but I’m a tshirt and shorts girl most days.

I thought it would be cool to share where I get my basics from and if you like the look of them and want to add to your wardrobe where you can find them or something similar too!

A White Tee

For me nothing beats a plain white t shirt, you can wear it pretty much anywhere and to anything and even better it’s super affordable no matter where you’re buying it from…unless you’re shopping at Gucci or something. I get my shirts from Cotton On because I like the material but you’ll find similar cuts at Mr P and the likes.

Platform Supergas

I pretty much live in my platform Supergas, I even wear them if I’m going to a fancy event because they’re technically high heels right? Seriously though I really love them and they’re a little dressier than everyday sneakers. Pair them with a cute pair of socks and you’re set! I’ve seen quite a few similar shapes popping up, you’ll find different versions at Mr P, Zara, Aldo and Woolies.

Head/Neck Scarf

I’ve pretty much been obsessed with bandanas since I was in university, I literally have an entire draw filled with them! Bandannas/scarfs are pretty, keep your hair out your face and make you look way cooler when you’re eating a croissant. China Town has loads of standard bandanas for pretty cheap but they’re pretty trendy at the moment so you’ll find variations in most clothing stores.

Highwaisted Shorts

The shorts I’m wearing in this post are pretty new, I found them at Factorie and they’ve got loads of colours to pick from if you’re in the market. I have loads of pairs of just plain denim shorts that I’ve had for years and have no intention of letting go of anytime soon. I saw quite a few awesome pairs on Superbalist last week and H&M always have some good options but so far Factorie seems to be leading the pack in terms of style, at least for me.

Basic Accessories: Cat Eye Shades and Watches

Cat Eyes and Cobains seem to be the shape of the season, they’re literally everywhere! I picked up the pair I’m wearing in London (I know I’m sorry!) but I’ve seen loads of awesome brands with similar shapes, check out Hustle Apparel and Vintage Lover. I only recently started wearing watches again and I’d forgotten that they actually make really awesome accessories. I’m loving the vintage gold Casio’s at the moment it’s like a bangle that actually does something!