I’ve been meaning to go to the Air Cinema Club hosted monthly in Braamfontein for a while now but winter kept pushing me back indoors and back under the covers to watch CSI reruns. When I heard the club was showing the Big Lebowski and early mornings are now accompanied with birds tweeting rather than my groans of : “I cant get up, it’s too cold” , I decided it was time to go. For more info on the event click here.

Jamie Ramsay, Air Cinema Club founder took some time to tell me more about the club.

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The nicest thing about the Air Cinema Club is…

The fact that you, as the audience, are allowed total freedom… You can stretch out as wide as possible, you can eat and drink your favorite wine. You are not coupled up under a roof in a cold room… You are experiencing the energy of the city at night whilst watching the brilliance of cinema-yesteryear.


1. Who chooses the movies you screen…and how do you choose them?

The movie choice is a bit of a dance between our fans and us, we listen strongly to suggestions given and then look at other factors such as weather, season, external events, and then we choose the film.

2.With summer coming up do you have anything awesome planned?

Ooh boy, we do have some exciting events coming up, look out for a horror movie night in the DEAD of town and a day in the park with Prescilla.

3. Where is the club hosted and how can people get tickets?

It’s best to like our FB page and keep updated to our events like that, tickets will always be through www.webtickets.co.za.

4. What is included in the ticket? And what can people expect to find at the event?

The tickets include your bean bag, bottomless popcorn and we have a fully stocked bar with themed cocktails and awesome food stand the likes of Balkan burgers, Mad Dogz hot-dogs, schwarmas and waffleicious!