What makes a good pizza? Everyone has a different answer to this, some like it crispy and flaky, some like it thick and doughy, some like loads of toppings others like it plain and simple.

Personally, I think the sign of a good pizza is the crust. If your pizza doesn’t have a big delicious crust you can just get out of here. The Coalition in Parkwood, thankfully has some damn good crusts so in my opinion they can hang around for good. Lucy and I took a break from gym to stuff our faces, cheat days are the best days!

The Coalition has a straightforward menu that matches its understated decor and design. You can watch your pizza get made as you wait at one of the tables in the small space and if you’re passing by the kitchen opens up onto the street and I’ll personally pay you R50 if you can resist not stoping to breath in the smell of fresh pizza being baked in a wood fire oven. After a quick chat to the owner he revealed that there’s a speakeasy opening in the back of the restaurant that looks really incredible, it opens up next Friday so stay tuned!

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So, what makes Neapolitan Pizza different? Firstly they come in one size, it’s a great size between a small and a medium, secondly it’s made with homemade mozzarella (FOR REAL) and the trick is that you will always see a bit of the delicious tomato sauce from the base. Lastly, the wood fire that bakes the pizza is super hot so the pizza cooks extremely fast…I’m not sure how this impacts the taste but it does mean you won’t be waiting around for an hour for your food.


I’m a simple girl when it comes to eating pizza and I really enjoy a quality Margherita (R75), Lucy opted for something a little more adventurous and had a Holtini (R101), which was topped with coppa ham, thyme, mushrooms and parsley. We both ploughed through our pizzas and all in all we were both really satisfied, but they could be a little more generous with the basil on the Margherita…there’s no such thing as too much basil right?

If you’re not in the mood for Pizza The Coalition also has a number of other choices including some tasty looking salads and main meals and of course a choice of Italian desserts!

Our service was great and the small team really made us feel comfortable and at home!

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Address: Corner of Bolton and Jan Smuts Roads, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Contact: 0109004987

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