The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup…I think just how amazing it is that I’m surrounded by the most talented people in South Africa, not only am I surrounded by them, I’m also lucky enough to call them my friends. Two such people have recently started an amazing Instagram account called The Kitchen Thief.Danielle Vermaak 2 The Kitchen THief  (8 of 9)Dani Vermaak (soon to be De Sousa) and Nicole Olwagen were the first people to open me up to Vegan and Vegetarian food. The started The Kitchen Thief after they realised that they had a shared obsession for food, and between the two of them they paired their writing and photography skills and boom, their account was born.

The Kitchen Thief 4The Kitchen THief  (4 of 9)People are always asking them where the name came from, and I never get tired of hearing the story. The Kitchen Thief got it’s name because they were both obsessed with the beautiful green fruit that is avocado, and when one of their avos went missing at work, their world was turned upside down by the infamous avo thief. Dramatic? Sure. It gives you a bit of insight to their love of food.

Vegan Salsa

Here are three tips from the pair for staying Vegan and healthy in Joburg.

1. Research

When eating out, research menus beforehand. Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines are always a safe bet.The Kitchen Thief

2. Try these

Try Simply Asia, Vikrams, Fruits and Roots, Leafy Greens, Warm and Glad, Real Sushi, Andiccios, Rocomamas for delicious Vegan and Vegetarian food.The Kitchen Thief 5

3. Don’t give up the Braai!

You can still braai! Grill slices of aubergines (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with various herbs) and whole red peppers with peri peri, lemon and garlic flavoured mushroom kebabs.

For sides try a crunchy, fruity side salad with grapes, sprouts and avo and fresh ciabatta bread.Vegan BarbequeThe Kitchen Thief 6Vegan PastaThe Kitchen Thief 7

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