Jean Michel aka DJ Half n Half  is pretty much ruler of the Joburg City DJ scene and is one of my favourite DJs. I met Jean-Michel some time ago, I cant really remember how we became friends but we just did so here he is and as a bonus here is one of his awesome mixtapes for you to listen to while reading!

The nicest thing about Joburg is…

The friendly people and the grit and determination we have as a city to succeed.

1. Who are you and where did you grow up?

My name is Jean-Michel Wickli. I was born to Swiss and South African parents. Born in Switzerland but raised in the amazing city called Jozi. Growing up here I learned to experience the diaspora of Johannesburg and learn to love the northern suburbs just as much as the city.

2. What do you do?

I currently work as an independent booking agent and manager for a host of South African bands including Shortstraw, Goodnight Wembley, Beatenberg, Al Bairre, Anchors Up, Julian Redpath and myself as a DJ. I also do some freelance design and am working with some friends to get a new project underway towards the end of the year/beginning of next. My goal is to hustle as much as Shane and Angie do. (local heroes)
Grietfest_2013 (10)

3. If you could pick one DJing moment to relive every night what would it be?

Definitely opening for The Kooks under the M1 highway in downtown CBD. Playing to 5000 people is something I’ll never forget.

4. Spending a lot of time in clubs what would you say the best and worst things are about Joburgs night life?


Seeing people enjoy themselves and dance like nobodies watching. (sometimes that can get a bit out of hand though. Once saw a guy grind up on girl and it wasn’t pretty)
Being able to go out and have fun with friends in an amazing city is always a plus.


One of the problems I have seen (and I am being super critical here) is that people attend shows and go out, because it’s cool to be seen at events. People should really want to support local bands and DJs. Going out should be a pleasurable experience, that supports the local entertainment industry.
Also smoking inside is a downer for me as a non smoker. I don’t mind smoking, but generally don’t enjoy coming home and smelling like an ashtray.
Credit Paul Samuels

Credit Paul Samuels

5. Do you have a favourite restaurant/bar in the city?

My girlfriends dad makes a mean pepper steak, but in terms of establishments I really like Narina Trogon, Wolves, Good Luck Club. Spur is also a favorite simply because it reminds me of my childhood.
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6. What’s your favourite local/undiscovered spot in Jozi?

Again I can’t give you one definitive spot. I love the observation deck at the top of the Carlton Centre. The view is amazing.
I also hanging out at Emmarentia with my friends on Sunday, playing football and throwing a frisbee around.