This weekend I was lucky enough to take a very bumpy flight down to Cape Town with Montblanc for the international premier of The Power of Words. In partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this initiative inspires filmmakers to explore the written legacy of influential figures as a source of story and using film as a tool of education.

I got to chat to Jim Ricks and Hank Willis Thomas two thirds of the rains behind the Truth Booth, one of my favourite films shown at the premiere. The Truth Booth is a huge inflatable booth design to allow people to enter one at a time, where they are filmed sharing their truth.

During lunch with the pair Angie and myself got the opportunity to share our own truths, which turned out to be quite a harrowing an edifying experience. The pair mentioned the possibility of the booth doing a tour of South Africa next year…I’ll be holding my breath till then.


Angie Batis The Gautrain Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town

We got to stay at the beautiful Mount Nelson Hotel, if you ever get a chance take a walk around the grounds it’s incredibly beautiful.
Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town High Tea The Power of Words Sergio Ines Sergio Ines Angie Batis Protea table decoration The Power of Words Mont Blanc

At the opening night of The Power of Words, each menu was handwritten, I thought it was a beautiful touch by the Montblanc team. The Roundhouse The Roundhouse The Roundhouse The Roundhouse Anna-Belle Mulder The Roundhouse The Truth Booth #Shesaidportraits Jim Ricks Hand Willis Thomas Anna-Belle Mulder Angie Batis Chandelier Anna-Belle Mulder Shadowplay Angie Batis Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset