About a month or so ago I got a call from the lovely people at Superbalist telling me that I had been nominated as one of their Superbalist 100. The Superbalist 100 is a hand selected group of awesome South Africans who are helping to shape the scene in our beautiful country. It’s a collective of storytellers, doers, makers movers and shakers.

Besides myself the list contains design legends Jana and Koos, Funny guys Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues and fashion superstar Dale Strime. It’s incredibly inspiring to look at the amazing talent that South Africa is producing it really does give me goose bumps!

You can watch a little bit more about the campaign here – this video was shot by the awesome Anthony Billa who is still one of my top photographers and humans of all time.

You  can read up a little bit more about me, what I like and all that jazz on my little tab on The Superbalist 100 microsite, also if you’re feeling generous I’m currently at number two on the list, it would be rad to make it to number one…you can also win R100 000 which you will have to share with me! Special thanks to everyone who has already voted, you guys are the best! 
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All images courtesy of Superbalist.