Gold is pretty, we all know that, but up until last week I had no idea that it has healing properties too, no seriously! Gold has proven anti-inflammatory properties and helps repair micro-damages in the skin from everyday life. In short it’s just really good for you, and that’s why if I could I’d spend my days at the Four Season Spa getting the Omorovicza Gold Body Treatment and sipping on cucumber water.

Omorovicza is a new brand to South Africa, so don’t kick yourself if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The thing that most enthrals me about Omorovicza (other than their Queen of Hungary Mist) is the incredible story behind the brand, I was lucky enough to meet the founders at the launch event and I was swept away! You can read about the entire story here but in short Omorovicza is based on the incredible healing powers of the Hungarian baths, most of which are located in Budapest. The minerals in these thermal baths are so useful that they’re often prescribed as treatment to a whole host of ailments if you live in the region (when are we going?!).

Omorovicza have managed to develop a system where the minerals found below the surface in Hungary are actually able to be absorbed into your skin cells, I’m not even going to try explain the science, but you can read about it here and just trust me when I say it really works! You can trust me, one because, would I ever lie to you guys and two because my skin has NEVER felt as soft as it did after my Gold Body Treatment.

The treatment starts off with a full body exfoliation, once that was done I rinsed off and my super friendly therapist (ask for Tracey) gave me the most relaxing full body massage with Rose Quartz stones, I’d liken it to a hot stone massage, just more relaxing…and it smells better! Rose Quartz is key to the process as it irons out any tiny wrinkles and reinforces positive energy! After your treatment you should definitely expect to feel a little drowsy and your skin will be sparkly for the next 24 hours as the gold from the treatment stays on your skin, but don’t worry it’s not too noticeable!

Over and above the treatment, or any treatment you might get at the Four Seasons Spa, half the fun is enjoying the facilities offered from the flipping beautiful pool and jacuzzi to the steam and sauna rooms. You can pretty much spend the whole day just taking in the space and pretending the outside world doesn’t exist.

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