Most people don’t know how much time and effort it takes to run a blog…let alone two. Over the past few months Angie and myself have been struggling to keep up with the demand of our personal blogs and Jobest. Ontop of that we felt that Jobest needed a bit of a revamp and some new blood…so we decided to ask our very talented friends Mel, Dani and Nicole if they would be keen to join us in making Jobest even more awesome than before.

We’ve also changed up the amount of posts from three times a week to once a week so don’t gorget to keep an eye out for them.

Melissa Delport is the brains behind The Truffle Journal , if you haven’t checked her blog out you need to right now! I met Mel one summers day in Cape Town while we were cycling around for a campaign we were both working on and we clicked instantly.  Mel loves to bake, travel and take photos. So if you are obsessed with food, travel and a good time she’s your lady!  Mel’s recipes will have your mouth watering and her adventures will make you want to pack your bags and leave right now! Follow Melissa on Instagram here.

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The second addition is the lovely Nicole and Dani from The Kitchen Thief who you really should know by now because I’m always speaking about them! Dani and Nicole will be showing you what South Africa has to offer you when it comes to Vegan food and of course other adventures! TKT was born out of Dani and Nicole’s shared obsession with food. After spending many lunch breaks in their office kitchen together getting excited about things like chilli sauce and lime juice we decided to share our love with the world. As a Vegan and a Pescatarian they decided to pair up their  writing and photography skills to answer the most commonly asked question, “What do they  eat if they don’t eat meat?”. So watch out for their inspiring posts about keeping healthy and staying happy! Follow the Kitchen Thief on Instagram here. 

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I seriously can’t wait to see all the different type of posts that start cropping up in Jobest!

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