Most children think their mom is the best…which is awkward because mine is so its impossible that yours is.


I think it was the year I turned 22 that I realised my mom was a person. Not just a mom but something separate from that, her own person with her own dreams and aspirations and who probably also gags at the thought of cleaning up a babies poop.

I wouldn’t consider myself a spoilt brat or in anyway ungrateful for anything my mom has ever done for me and for the large part…besides when at 15 I was convinced I wanted a dolphin tattoo on my back, I’ve gotten along with her. It’s a strange phenomena  that  didn’t truly see  her as something outside of being a mom until I myself became an adult. Nowadays I get to see her as a friend, mother and all round super human being…even if she tends to be a bit anal sometimes.

Which reminds me, I was probably about 14, having an older brother and sister meant I knew a whole lot of words without actually knowing what they meant. My mom and I were arguing about something or other and I remember her telling me I was being anal to which i replied rather loudly: “Well mom you need anal!”. I can still picture my brothers face as the words came out of my mouth and the sight of my sister running out of the room to laugh into her pillow. Instead of getting angry my mom just burst into laughter and phoned my dad to tell him what I had just said. I was only filled in on the joke much later…proof that my mom is better than yours


It’s usually the other way round, parents are usually the one’s who say they are proud of their children but I’m proud of my mom, they woman who raised me and cleaned up my poop and the other half of her: Allison Mulder my friend…who laughs at jokes about anal.

Happy Birthday Mom!





*All pictures belong to Allison Mulder and Kara Stella