When I discover amazing South African brands I get proud, you know, that feeling in the top of stomach that makes you want to hug yourself? One of the creative brands I’m a little in awe of at the moment is Together with Co.

Together with Co. is first and foremost a family of creatives who happen to make the most beautiful cementware homeware. No I’m not talking about those cringy lions your hectic aunt has at the front of her house, I’m talking about beautifully designed and crafted pieces that make me want to empty out my bank account.

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After being inspired by birth of their daughter daughter Jemma and Matthew came up with the name and the idea to start Together with Co. “Our name is inspired from the arrival of our little girl. At first, as a couple, it was just Matthew and I Together, then followed by our little girl who became our Company. Therefore we became Together with Co. Our name also plays on the fact that we love to make designs with and work with other people. Therefore it would be us (Together) with Co. (The company in which we collaborate with)”.

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Each and every single one of their products  are 100% hand-made (with love) at Matthew and Jemma’s home. They use cement as their base product for most of their designs. If you’re wondering what the difference between cement and concrete is that concrete is cement and stone mixed together, where are cement is just cement alone or mixed with sand.

I love that they use cement and not the usual materials you see all over the show. “We feel that cement is an often forgotten about material. It’s so quickly shrugged off as a material used for construction and I think that’s why we fell so in love with it. It has the ability to mould to anything we want, it’s interesting in that it looks so tough however it needs to be handled with care.” Together With Co. (7 of 13) Together With Co. (10 of 13) Together With Co. (11 of 13)

The pair  are constantly playing around with new designs and shapes trying to find more ways to play with cement, so that means there will always be more awesome products calling your credit card’s name.

If you would like to check out more of their products and support local design and businesses …and if you feel like buying me a present check out Together with Co. hereTogether With Co. (12 of 13) Together With Co. (8 of 13) Together With Co. (6 of 13)