Winter has been pretty mild since I got back from holiday but this past week Craig and myself have been freezing our butts off! Today I’ve teamed up with Woolworths again and thought I would share my hot chocolate recipe with you because it’s pretty much the only hot beverage I drink. I enjoy a good decaf every now and then but for some reason I’ve never been into tea or coffee.

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This recipe can be Vegan unless you pop the cream on top then it’s obviously not Vegan at all. I’m allergic to dairy and trust me the cream on the top really makes such a huge difference to the flavour and fills your stomach nicely.

It would seem obvious but the key ingredient to a great hot chocolate is…well CHOCOLATE! Specifically dark chocolate! I usually use Lindt dark chocolate from Woolies but they also have an incredible range of organic chocolates that work really well too. My second secret weapon is almond milk, if you haven’t tried almond milk yet it’s going to change your life, I might even name my first child Almond Milk Durrant. Lastly a spoon full of Horlicks thickens the hot chocolate and gives it the most delicious malt flavour.

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Ingredients (makes 1 glass/cup)


  • Melt the chocolate either on the stove or in the microwave if you’re in a rush
  • Once melted mix with Almond Milk and leave to warm up
  • Mix in Horlicks and Cacao mixing thoroughly
  • Beat Cream until it thickens
  • Decant liquid mixture into cup and place cream onto
  • Drink! 

Thanks to Woolworths for supporting She Said, all products and props in this post are available at Woolies stores!

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