A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to help organise and be a part of Volvo welcoming in a new Dawn for their brand. What better way to celebrate the #VolvoNewDawn than from the Top of Africa…and by the top I mean the tippy top on the Carlton Centre and at dawn of all times ( the centre is usually closed at this time). I had never seen Joburg like this before and I definitely will never forget it. You can watch the video from the morning here.

Volvo new Dawn  (1 of 1)-2 #VolvoNewDawn (5 of 31)I was lucky enough to get there super early and shoot from dark till sunrise, I can’t thank Volvo enough for giving me and a few select Joburg based Instagrammers the opportunity to experience Joburg in such a unique way. #VolvoNewDawn (18 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (11 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (9 of 31) The Top Of Africa (8 of 10)Volvo teamed up with Avicii to launch the XC90 and introduce the concept of Volvo’s New Dawn, you can read more about the car and the campaign here#VolvoNewDawn (12 of 31)#VolvoNewDawn (13 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (17 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (22 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (21 of 31) The Top Of Africa (6 of 10) The Top Of Africa (7 of 10)#VolvoNewDawn (25 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (24 of 31) #VolvoNewDawn (28 of 31) The Top Of Africa (10 of 10)After we had filled our memory cards we came down from the rooftop and enjoyed a delicious breakfast looking out over my first love!#VolvoNewDawn (6 of 31)Here’s just a picture of Gareth and myself looking super sleepy.The Top Of Africa (4 of 10)