I’ve eaten really good food before, I’ve even eaten really good food before on a wine farm, but never have I ever eaten such pretty food. Waterkloof Wines is the epitome of what the Wine Route has to offer, sheer style, beautiful views, and enough wine and food to keep you full for a year.

The Restaurant at Waterkloof breaks away from the more traditional architecture found in Stellenbosch. Basically it’s the prettiest glass box you will ever eat in with views that will take your breath (not your appetite) away. Stellenblog (20 of 22) Stellenblog (4 of 22) Waterkloof (1 of 53) Waterkloof (7 of 53) Somerset WestWaterkloof is also a fully-fledged biodynamic farm. This means that the farm strives to create a diversified and balanced farm ecosystem within itself, it’s the organic of organics! Aside from it’s amazing commitment to the ecosystem, Waterkloof also has one of the most fabulous restaurants run by the pretty hilarious Chef Czarnecki.Chef CzarneckiCzarnecki is know for creating beautiful dishes, even my photos don’t do his food justice, so i suggest you just book yourself a table and try it out for yourself. When I visited the restaurant I had a special menu, but you can check out the usual offerings here.Chef Czarnecki 4 Chef Czarnecki 5 Anna-Belle Mulder Chef Czarnecki 6Waterkloof (36 of 53)Waterkloof (24 of 53)Waterkloof (30 of 53)
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Contact Waterkloof here for more details.

Restaurant opening times: Lunch                                                                                                                                           Wednesday – Sunday: Kitchen opens at 12h00 and last orders 14h00

Dinner                                                                                                                                               Wednesday – Saturday: Kitchen opens at 19h00 and last orders 21h00

The restaurant is closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Sunday evenings for the dinner service

Winter 2015 operating times

Sunday 21 June (last lunch)

Monday 22 June closed until 21 July.

Reopen to the public Wednesday 22 July